Why Traditional Tanning Salons Should Be Banned

Getting ready for summer? Do you want to get that bronze glowing skin to complete your summer look? If you weren’t gifted with a tan skin tone, you certainly have to do anything to achieve that. Let’s face it; tanned skin is a sexy skin. That’s the main reason why many people would choose to put some effort in getting their skin tanned.

The easiest way of getting that beautiful tanned skin is to visit a tanning salon. There are many tanning salons that can help you achieve the tanned skin that you really wanted. You don’t have to stay for hours under the sun just to get tanned. They can provide you the best tanning services, fast and easy. But why some people recommend getting some of these traditional tanning salons banned?

Banning Tanning Salons?

Just like other beauty salons, tanning salons are just there to grant your wish of becoming beautiful and feel better about yourself. However, we also can’t deny that different salons offer different levels and quality of services. There have been some talks about getting traditional tanning salons banned.

tanning bed

There are several reasons why there’s a recommendation about banning tanning salons. One reason is that they can be unsafe for teens. We can’t deny that these tanning salons are using various procedures in tanning your skin. They might be using tanning beds or they go with airbrush tanning or other latest tanning technology. And these processes are not for minors.

The use of UV light to force skin tanning is not safe for teenagers. It can harm their skin in the process; Bring premature aging or even worse, developing skin cancers. Although the effects can only be severe for teens, some countries would recommend banning tanning salons. They seem to see the real effects of UV light to the human body, and they wanted to protect people, young and old from the possible effects of skin tanning.

 Sunless Skin Tanning

In spite of some negative implications of sunless tanning from salons, we perhaps can still see some possible benefits out of it. Since spray tanning or other fast tanning processes do not involve the sun, no sun burns to bear. It’s even faster and you don’t need to wait for hours under the sun just to get a beautiful tanned skin that you want.  It also provides an even tanning finish, thus, giving your skin a uniform tone.

tanning salon

If you would choose to go for a sunless skin tanning this summer, you just have to choose the most reliable salon. With the number of tanning salons available these days, make sure to find the one that can guarantee you the kind of tanning service that doesn’t harm your skin and your health in the process. With the kind of technology today, some reliable salon probably can provide you the safest service ever.

Get ready for summer. Don’t hesitate to show some skin. If you wanted to feel sexier and hotter, getting your skin some color is such a great idea. Take out that sexy swimming outfit and get ready to enjoy the sun!

Want to Reduce Health Care Costs? Use Essential Oils

One survey shows in 2012 that more than one in four families are going through some financial troubles for medical care. That would mean that there’s really a big challenge when it comes to the health care costs. How about you? Are you one of those people who wanted to at least reduce your healthcare expenditure? Then it’s about time to think about other alternatives.

One of the most popular and the most effective ways to reduce your health care costs is to use essential oils. There are many good reasons why many people would choose to use essential oils rather than buying over the counter medicines. And the number one advantage is it can give you savings while giving you the same level of treatment and healing.

The Use of Essential Oils for your Health

If you don’t have the right ideas about essential oils, then you might think that it is a kind of oil used for massage or for spa treatments. But do you know that these essential oils can be very beneficial and can promote your overall wellness and health? As a good result, you don’t have to spend too much to be healthy and well.

essential oils

Using essential oils will help you achieve wellness that you need from head to toe. Essential oils promote healthy hair and skin. Some essential oil is also considered good antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial, that can be used to heal wounds and cuts. And instead of buying some energizing drugs, using essential oils to revitalize and relieve you from pain and stress is your best option.

Your Healthcare Costs

When it comes to our own health, we don’t really want to take it for granted. As much as possible, we wanted to get ourselves protected by saving some amount for our health care fund. However, when using essential oils, you’ll get the guarantee of saving amount to spend for your health care expenses. You can also stay away from spending too much for hospitalization and other emergency costs.

Imagine buying over the counter medicines and spend some huge amount of money. That can be very exasperating on your part. But think about using cheap, organic, natural and effective essential oils, sounds better isn’t it? Most families would even lose some of their properties just to cover up some emergency healthcare expenses, and that’s something that you definitely don’t want to experience.


Just a Reminder

Although essential oils are considered the most effective and proven alternatives, you still have to get the best knowledge about how to use them right. Also, essential oils can help you reduce your health care expenses, but certainly won’t eliminate it all. Your own health still depends on how you care for your own body. Using essential oils is just one part of your overall being. You still have to eat right, be physically fit and have the right emotional mindset if you want to stay away from getting sick and be healthy. Make essential oils your good support to minimize your health care costs and achieve the wellness that you need.

Should Government Subsidize Personal Training Services?


Becoming a qualified personal trainer for fitness and remote coaching is an honorable profession but it can be expensive to finance on your own. The question is, should the government subsidize this type of learning for those who are interested to pursue this line of career? The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, the government has been providing this kind of subsidy for years now and a lot of interested persons have enjoyed it. This means that you can study and become a professional trainer at a lower cost and be of service to people’s health.

Government Subsidized Programs

There are a lot of programs that are subsidized by the government. You can find programs for unemployed youths, those with disabilities including aboriginal youths. Have you been laid off your job? There is a program for you. All you need to do is visit the pertinent government agencies and get your financial assistance to get the skills necessary to be employed. Are you differently abled? There are programs for you so you can get the relevant skills suited for your condition and be employed as well.

With the current craze for health, there is a great demand for personal trainer either for remote coaching or actual one-on-one session. For this reason, you can easily find subsidies if this is your field of interest. What’s more, you can easily find employment ones you graduate from your training.

Myths Regarding Government Subsidized Programs

If you have decided to pursue a career in trades like becoming a personal trainer, there are a lot of myths that you have debunk in order to have the peace of mind while studying. Here are some of them:

  • Career in trade is only for non-A+ students. While a lot of A+ students do get scholarships to college, there are a lot of really smart kids that pursue a career in trade. The reason behind this is that it’s easy to finish this type of studies and earn a living immediately after graduation. Why wait for years to finish college when you can already earn after a short time?
  • College degree is the only way to succeed. While college degree is one of the ways to succeed, it not a guarantee. Take note that today’s most successful people are a mixture of those who have degrees and those who are dropouts. With a career in trade, you can easily earn and save some money and start your own business. When you have a business, you can succeed.
  • Personal trainer is a job for guys. If you have been observing the trend, you can easily debunk this myth because gals are also running the show when it comes to personal training. In fact, there are more successful female trainers than men depending on the field that you engage in.

So, should the government subsidize personal training services? You bet. In fact there are a lot of people enjoying these subsidies and are becoming successful.

Should Tactical Pens be Banned on Air Planes?

When you’re getting ready for a trip, then you are aware of some items that can be carried and not on the airplane. You obviously don’t want to get stuck in an airline office for questioning because of some security violations. Or even worse, instead of going for a trip, you’ll end up in prison.

Certain rules and regulations apply to airline companies all over the world that covers the prohibition of carrying deadly weapons and other shard and pointed objects that can be considered harmful. However, do the authorities really have an exact measure of when and how a certain tool or item can be considered deadly or not?

Tactical Pens

The Extent of Threat

Apparently, we can’t deny that threats are everywhere. And for passengers, going pass through the airport’s x-ray machines is nothing but a normal security routine. However, what if your attention was called because they saw something inside your backpack? Are you in trouble? What did you do?

Many have experienced this. Not being aware of it, a tactical pen was found inside their bag. Bad news is, these tactical pens are considered prohibited. These tools are often used by law enforcers as a defense. But in that case, it is considered a threat. But, should tactical pens really be banned on airplanes?

Comparing the best tactical pen from a regular pen often will not give you a clear discernment. In which many airline security personnel are also not seeing a threat on it. In many cases, the measure of getting permitted is being judged on the appearance of the person carrying it. Thus, the extent of threat still depends on the impression that you give to them.

 Protection Vs. Weapon

When is the time that something can be considered a deadly weapon or a defense? When it comes to tactical pens, there should be a proper distinction of its usage, although laws and regulations are being set to maintain the security of the passengers.

Considering that most tactical pens have sharp aluminum point, it can really be considered unsafe. Yet regular pens are also pointed and can still be used to stub and hurt someone. Thus, it is safe to say, that whatever items you have, it can be used in both ways, either for protection or a weapon.

Therefore, when it comes to the question about banning tactical pens on air planes, no one can actually give a perfect gauge. Some success stories of people bringing them without any problem are considered real proofs that it is just a matter of making yourself look harmless.

If you’re planning to go for a trip, and you started packing your things, always remember, you travel light. Although it is necessary that you bring an emergency kit with you, it would be great that you bring what is only allowed in the airport. And if you really wanted to bring a tactical pen with you, then make sure that you look inoffensive. Or else, better leave your pen behind for you to have a safe and less nerve-wracking trip.

Are Canada’s Laws on Air Rifles Too Strict?

Canada Law on Air Rifles

Air Rifle Laws in Canada

Back in their day, men could wield a weapon!

Canada’s law on firearms are far stricter compared to other countries. Licensing of any gun will take a series of steps before obtaining one. Yes, that includes ownership of air rifles. Applicants must do the following: attend a safety course, background check – must not have any criminal record, and finally, they should be certified by a firearms officer – so more or less the final decision of obtaining an air rifle lies on the perception of a person. Have I mentioned that this is only for obtaining a license? Another series of procedures should be undertaken before obtaining a license to hunt. Personal ownership is restricted to recreational and sporting purposes only. However, guns can be acquired for self-defense in rare circumstances. The law on guns is federally mandated, thus it applies in all parts of Canada. So, if you happened to be in any part of Canada, and decided to purchase a new Ruger Air Rifle, here are the three classifications you must know:


Entitles you to a rifle or a shotgun with the following categories:

  • Barrel must be 18.5” or longer
  • Length must be 26” or longer
  • Magazine capacity limited to 5 rounds for semi automatics, 10 rounds for bolt or other action and 3 shells for a shotgun
  • Keep gun with trigger locked in your home and stored out of sight, ammunition should be in a separate locked container in a separate room.


Entitles you any gun in the non-restricted category plus a rifle or a shotgun with the following categories:

  • Barrel length less than 18.5”
  • Handguns: must have a barrel length not less than 4.25”
  • Any caliber is accepted except .28 and .32 caliber guns
  • Gun should have trigger lock and must be kept in a locked box or a safe.
  • Ammunitions must be locked up and kept in a separate room.
  • Specific ATT (authorization to transport) should be obtained every time you wish to transport your riffle.


Of course no one gets a prohibited license. These are fully automatic weapons and specific hand guns. Only certain law enforcements are allowed to have one. Most of prohibited weapons are displayed at the museum for historical purposes only.

In addition to this, air rifles that replicate firearms counterpart are included in the prohibited category even though these rifles are not powerful enough to cause a serious injury or death. Furthermore, air rifles that are neither firearms nor replicas, just plain plastics and obviously a child’s toy belong to “imitation firearm” and may be subjected to penalties under Canada’s Criminal Code if used to commit a crime.

I must say that Canada’s Gun Law is unreasonably strict. What’s the point of obtaining a license if anyone can commit a crime with anything besides a gun anyway, maybe they should also ask for a license for the use of knives or prohibit them as well. The law is not hard to understand but it is not the best law. But what can we do, it’s the law, we cannot do anything about it but to abide.

Pre- Owned Cars – Is It Worth the Cost?

Knowing that Canada is actually the second largest country in the whole world and that it has abundant resources to use, some of the country’s people may still be struggling in finding themselves a better option when it comes to getting access to those luxurious thing made by man such as cars.

Although the economy is still growing, citizens still opt to look for the best option where they can save more money but at the same time still get access to a lifestyle that they have always been accustomed with.

One of the major things that may amuse citizens of this country is cars. And if you happen to be one of those interested individuals who love luxury cars then there is good news for you.

If you were to invest your money in purchasing a new sports car or a new luxury car, you will surely be spending a fortune and you may have nothing left for you for the other things that you may want to obtain in the future. A better option for this is to get access to pre-owned cars. This is mostly said to be a better option rather than buying a new car as car depreciates value in time.


Another thing that you may want to know is that there are used cars nowadays that are being sold with a valid certification. This certification validates the used car that you’ll be purchasing depending on its current Pre Owned Cars - Koing Motorscondition. There are certifications for pre-owned cars which guarantee that they are good as new. You may find authorized dealers who are capable of getting this kind of certifications from the manufacturers of the cars themselves. Such cars may be more expensive than the usual used cars that you can get from car dealers but if you were to purchase pre-owned luxury cars, this is a smart option for you.

When purchasing used cars you should keep in mind that not all car dealers in Canada offer the same deal. If you want to make sure that you are getting a good deal is that you should start researching for options and then comparing. If it is possible to bring someone with you who knows more about cars to help you make the right decision.

Don’t forget that if you opt not to take advantage of certified pre-owned cars you should at least know how to determine if the used car you’ll be purchasing is worth the dollars you’ll be spending.

Next Steps in My Career

I may have retired from the local political scene recently, but that does not mean that I am no longer interested in local politics. It is my position now to take a step back from the lime light and do more important work for our community from behind the scenes.

As most of you probably already know, I had a long a successful career in our local politics and overseas and want to continue those trends that I started. I have plans to still be an active member of our community and someone who can be reached out in times of need. Our small community made great strides during my time in office, and while I have the utmost confidence in our new panel of politicians, I feel obligated to see my hard work through to the end.

You know I held a strong interest in the education of our children. This is still a concern of mine and I will be working daily with our local parents, teachers and school board members to make sure that that the education of our future community leaders is always at the top of the priority list. Keeping the schools supplied with the latest text books and providing teachers with continued support for their efforts is a must if we want to raise a generation of community minded young people.

Small business owners can feel free to still come and see me about concerns they have with the local economy. We went through some tough times together over the last decade and I am still dedicated to each and every one of yours continued success in the business community. We can meet informally if you like or I will also be able to host group meetings to discuss your latest issues and work on strategies for how to deal with them.

I also have plans on staying directly involved in the election processes that take place here each year. I would be proud to give my personal endorsement to any up and coming politician who holds the same values as I do and has the same commitment to the future of our community that I have. I was not successful on my own, depending on dozens of individuals to help me with my rise in the political spectrum. Now it’s my turn to return the favor and offer mentorship (get in touch if this interests you) to other individuals who have the same drive and determination that I do.

I look back proudly on the work that I was able to achieve in my years in office. These were not small accomplishments and I was able to help see us through some tough times. I am always looking for new ways to be of help to our citizens, both young and old.

This is a new chapter of my life that I take on with zest. I believe it will be interesting to see how things work from the other side of the political fence and have plans on doing my best to stay as involved as you all will let me.

The State of Health Care in Our Country

Compared with many other countries in the world, our Canadian health care system is pretty good, but we could do better. As a nation we need to make sure that all of our citizens are able to access quality health care whenever they need it.

Despite the doctrine that all Canadian citizens shall receive any “medically necessary and hospital physician services” the system falls short on making sure that this advantage is being utilized by everyone. Not everyone has a physician or medical facility close by enough to get the help that they need. So even though all 10 of our provinces and 3 territories provide statewide health insurance to everyone, those in remote areas are often unable to access it.

the health of our health care system

What is the health of our health care system?

There are also many areas which are not providing the supplemental services that are still essential to the promotion of good health. Dental care is an important aspect of your body’s over-all fitness, especially in children. If we could do more to make dental care a mandatory part of the health care programs provided by the government, more children would be able to have their teeth checked regularly and have dental work provided as needed.

The other major concern is the cost of prescription drugs. While it is important to have comprehensive medical insurance to cover your needs, it is difficult to follow through on a doctor’s orders if you are unable to afford the prescribed medications. The rising cost of medications in Canada makes it difficult for the average Canadian to purchase the necessary treatments for their illnesses and diseases.

Besides petitioning for changes in legislation that would incorporate dental care and drug coverage into our existing health care system, we also need to figure out ways to ensure that these programs are being made readily available to even the most remote areas of the country. Programs that would bring medical care to these areas on a regular basis is one solution to this grave problem.

To get these types of programs up and running would require the support of dedicated doctors and medical staff who would take the time to make the journey out of their comfort zones. It would also require basic medical supplies to be provided as well as plans for transporting those who need it to the nearest medical facility.

One other option is to make an initiative in these communities to increase awareness and encourage young men and women to study medicine as a profession. By educating a few of the inhabitants in these areas, they would be able to provide the health care needed to their own community.

It’s time to take action. As one of the more advanced countries in the world it is deplorable that even one of our citizens is not able to access the most basic of medical care. We need to dig deeper into the problems that are making our health care system fail to find solutions to making it work 100%.